Mission Statement.. To be recognized as the most technologically advanced global leader in deep-sea salvage operations. Thus providing world-class service that ensures long-term company durability and ensuring the safety of our people, the public, and the environment.
Company Goals and Objectives: Innocap Inc. is a unique marine archeology and salvage company which will use the latest in marine underwater survey technology, and software to locate all different varieties of shipwrecks. There are an estimated 1 million shipwrecks at the bottom of the sea. (Woods Hold Institute). Our goal is to research and find historical shipwrecks, document, and conserve artifacts from these shipwrecks for future generations to see and enjoy. Not only do we research the locations of our shipwrecks, but we also research the individual stories of those persons involved with these historical events. Our goal is to work with nations from all over the world to locate their lost shipwrecks in territorial or in international waters. Our specialty is deep-water shipwrecks, but we have the capability to handle shipwrecks at any depth of up to 6,000 meters, and from any time period. After locating and identifying a shipwreck, we photograph, video, retrieve, research and conserve artifacts for future generations to enjoy.
Paul Tidwell’s , Innocap Inc. CEO, adventures have been documented by some of the most trusted authorities including National Geographic Magazine and Television, NBC television and the Guinness Book of World Records (Silver Edition). His life presented in distinguished halls of higher learning and is ready for Hollywood movies, television documentaries, social media videos and even video games.
This company is built on the knowledge and experience to handle deep sea projects from conception to fruition.

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INNOCAP Inc. is a world class leader in the implementation of deep ocean technology used to locate, salvage, and recover historical artifacts and valuable cargoes from their deep sea projects.
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Email: info@innocap-inc.com